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Corona threat increased again in China, thousands of cases coming daily; Till the imposition of lockdown

Corona cases in China have once again started increasing rapidly. In view of the increasing cases of Corona, strict restrictions have been implemented in many provinces of China. A new travel guideline has also been issued. Meanwhile, officials said on Sunday that fewer cases were seen in China than on October 15.

On October 15, 1,026 new corona cases have been registered as compared to 1,364 cases on the previous day. Both asymptomatic and asymptomatic cases are increasing in China. The National Health Commission said in its daily report that symptoms of corona have been found in 244 patients, while no symptoms of corona have been seen in 782 patients.

It is mandatory to give negative report of corona in public places
Countries around the world where corona and lockdown have moved on. At the same time, China has once again become strict about its zero corona policy. On Monday, in view of the spread of the corona virus, strict restrictions have also been imposed in the city of Fanyang in North China. Apart from this, people and vehicles coming from outside have been banned in Hohhot, another city. In China, it has been made mandatory to give a negative report of corona for entering public parks, shopping malls and public places. It is mandatory to have a negative report of corona 72 hours before entering any public places in China.

Corona virus amidst the 20th conference of the National Congress
The special thing is that the spread of the corona virus in China is happening at a time when the 20th conference of the National Congress is going to be held in China. This meeting of the National Congress is held every five years. The discussion is in full swing that in this conference, Chinese President Xi Jinping can announce to extend his term. In such a situation, the spread of corona in China has caused concern. Significantly, there has been a protest in China regarding the Zero Kovid policy. Due to this policy, multi national companies are facing huge losses here.