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Scooters will also be equipped with airbags, know when will the first model be launched in the country?

Every year lakhs of people lose their lives in road accidents. For this, the safety features in the vehicles are constantly being upgraded. Along with this, the rules are being tightened by the government. Recently, the rule of giving at least 6 airbags in all cars has been made mandatory. But most of the people who lose their lives in road accidents are two-wheeler drivers, and keeping this in mind, a two-wheeler manufacturer is going to launch its scooter with airbags soon for the safety of two-wheelers. This company has recently applied for patenting this feature in the scooter.

This company has got patent

Honda Motors, a famous automobile company in India for airbags in its scooter, has applied for a patent. The company remains at the top of the scooter segment of the country’s automobile market with its Activa scooter. After getting this patent, Honda will now offer the airbag feature found in the car in its scooter as well. Let us know how the scooter will be equipped with this feature.

How will the airbag fit in the scooter

The air bag in the scooter will be placed in the center of the handle, which will be connected to the accelerometer installed at the front of the scooter to detect the accident. This will be different from the system installed in existing cars. But this system will work like the system found in cars. The company has been preparing for this system for a long time.

When will launch

Honda Motors launched one of its scooters Honda PCX from Thailand and Japan in the year 2009. Now this scooter company can launch in India in 2023. The company has applied for a patent to bring this scooter with airbags. After which it is expected that PCX can be launched by equipping it with airbag feature. It will be the first company to bring such a feature to a two-wheeler in India.