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On the lines of MP, MBBS studies in Hindi in UP too, books are being prepared

Uttar Pradesh chief Yogi Adityanath is continuously promoting Hindi. Now medical studies in the state are going to be done in Hindi. Books are being prepared in Hindi with the help of experts. These books will be released soon.

MBBS studies in Hindi

Let us tell you that in the state (MBBS) course books are being prepared in Hindi at present. In the coming time, books of other courses will also be made in Hindi. Students will get benefit by having books of medical courses in Hindi language.

Medical education department is preparing

For information, let us tell you that the youth of rural environment will get rid of studying in English. The officials of the Medical Education Department have started preparing to prepare a book in Hindi. The UP government is taking this step under the new education policy.

implemented in Madhya Pradesh

Significantly, Madhya Pradesh is the first state where this system has been implemented. Now Uttar Pradesh has also joined this list. The central government has decided to introduce medical and engineering studies in Indian languages ​​under the new National Education Policy. For this, three books have been translated into Hindi, which was released by Home Minister Amit Shah on 16 October in Bhopal.

New education policy surrounded by doubts

There are also all kinds of doubts regarding the study of medical and engineering in Hindi language. Actually, till now medical and engineering studies in the country have been done in English only. In such a situation, when medical and engineering books will be available in Hindi, then how many students or girls will be ready to read it. Apart from this, what will be the future of doctors and engineers who have studied in Hindi medium?