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Uttar Pradesh / Etah: There was a fierce fight between the driver and the traffic police for bringing the truck to the no entry zone, the driver made serious allegations against the constable

A video from Etah district of Uttar Pradesh is going viral very fast, in which a truck driver and a traffic police head constable fought fiercely. It is being told that the driver had entered the no entry zone with the truck. When the traffic constable stopped a driver, a scuffle broke out between the two and a fight broke out. Actually, route diversion has been done in the city for the festival of Diwali. Not only this, due to this some places have also been declared as no entry zones.

Traffic constable attacked the driver with a stick

According to the information, this whole matter is of Hathi Gate intersection near Kotwali Nagar of the city. Along with diversion of routes in the city, no entry zone has also been declared. Meanwhile, a driver comes with the truck. Soon the conversation between the two escalates. In the video going viral, the head constable also attacked the driver three to four times with a stick. After that the truck driver who got down in anger also started slapping and punching the head constable. Both of them lost their temper in anger and misbehaved with each other. The driver then gets down from the truck and hits the traffic constable.

PRD jawans came and intervened

The PRD personnel defended the fight between the driver and the head constable. The head constable and other jawans caught the driver and cleaner and took them to Kotwali. After that both were put in jail. On the other hand, the driver has accused the traffic constable of illegal recovery. He says that when he entered the no entry, the traffic constable started asking him for money. When he did not give the money, he got angry and started beating. In Kotwali Nagar, an FIR has been lodged against the truck driver Ravinder and the conductor Ram Ladaite under section 307,332,323,353 of IPC by Traffic Police Head Constable Surendra Singh. After which both were arrested and sent to jail.