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Uttarakhand : Mahendra Bhatt took a jibe at Harish Rawat, said – politics does not shine with lungi dance

Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat, a strong politician of Uttarakhand Congress, is now in discussions about hatha yoga outside the police station. A video of Harish Rawat wearing a dhoti (lungi) standing at the same place and walking in the Bahadrabad police station of Haridwar district has gone viral on social media. On this video of him, the state BJP taunted that politics does not play with lungi dance. The reason for the controversy is the recently concluded three-tier panchayat elections in Haridwar district. During the elections, the police registered cases against many people. Harish Rawat’s daughter Haridwar Rural MLA Anupama Rawat has alleged that false cases were registered against Congress workers as part of a political conspiracy. They are demanding the withdrawal of these cases.

In support of this demand, Anupama’s father, former Chief Minister Harish Rawat, has also sat on the dharna with the stubbornness that he will stand firm till the cases are not withdrawn. Now his day and night is spent outside the main gate of the police station. He has put his bed there. Waking up in the morning, he is doing yoga exercises etc. outside the main gate of the police station. One such video also went viral on social media on Saturday. This video is being discussed fiercely in the political circles. Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat said that Haridwar has given me a new life, so I think that the time has come that instead of giving trouble to the Congress workers, I should dedicate my life. Let’s test the Chief Minister, he thinks from a human point of view or from a purely political point of view.

BJP state president Mahendra Bhatt took a dig at former Chief Minister Harish Rawat’s hatha yoga that politics does not shine with lungi dance. He called it petty politics. Bhatt said that cases were registered with the police for creating disturbances and obstructions during elections.