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Madhya Pradesh : Statue of Prime Minister Modi ready in gold, silver, shopkeeper said to Kailash Vijayvargiya – I want to give this gift to Modi ji

With the arrival of Diwali, the process of giving gifts also continues and in such a situation, there is a variety of gifts to be seen in the market, in which a lot of variety is being seen in gold and silver gifts. Among them, the statue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi studded in a gold frame is in a lot of discussions. This statue has been specially made by a fan of PM Modi from Mumbai. This bullion businessman Nirmal Verma of Indore has been doing something new for the last several years. This time a gold photo frame has been made, BJP’s national general secretary also came to see and expressed his desire to give this gift to the shopkeeper Modi. Due to Diwali, variety is being seen in the gold and silver gifts in the market. The same thing should be done about children, silver Ludo snake ladder, chase, silver crackers are also available in the market to give gifts to children. The same Hanuman Chalisa, Shiv Chalisa, Establishment ji Ganesh idols for elders, the idols of Mahakal are also available in the market.

The same gold plated deck of cards has also been available in the market, due to which creativity has been seen in giving gifts for Diwali this time. In all this, the gold planet picture of PM Modi is the main center of attraction. Jeweler Nirmal Verma who is a big fan of Narendra Modi has made a gold photo frame of Modi this time and BJP National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya also reached to see it. During this, Nirmal Verma expressed his desire to give this gold photo frame, silver idol, silver notes to PM Modi with his own hands from Vijayvargiya. During this, Kailash Vijayvargiya assured that if PM Modi comes to Indore this time, he will try to give it to him.