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WhatsApp service restored worldwide after about two hours, people breathed a sigh of relief

After about two hours, the service of WhatsApp was restored worldwide. Due to this, people all over the world heaved a sigh of relief. The service of WhatsApp was suddenly interrupted in India today at 12.07 pm. Since then, the customers had to face a lot of trouble. Due to the sudden server down, users were neither able to send nor receive messages. The same situation was seen in countries around the world. By 1 pm, people all over the world became vocal about this on social media. Never before in the history of WhatsApp has the service been disrupted globally for such a long time. Service was restored at 2.15 pm.

Meanwhile, people all over the world were also making memes of WhatsApp on social media. Through this, people were making fun of WhatsApp in various ways. It was trending the most on social media.