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People will call BJP ‘Jayaram’ in Himachal, development will not be killed like Uttarakhand: Harish Rawat

The bugle of the assembly elections in Uttarakhand’s neighboring state of Himachal Pradesh has survived. Other political parties including Congress and BJP are busy in campaigning vigorously. At the same time, will Himachal repeat its history of changing power this time or will Uttarakhand also see a new trade in Himachal, ie BJP will repeat, on this question senior Congress leader Harish Rawat gave a very funny answer (Harish Rawat comment on Himachal elections). This time the people of Himachal will do ‘Jairam ji’ to BJP.

At the same time, BJP is claiming that like Uttarakhand, the BJP government will repeat itself in Himachal and will write a new history. On this, Harish Rawat said that change is seen in every election in Himachal. Uttarakhand will not affect Himachal. Uttarakhand is bent on forcibly killing its development. That is why it has gone into the hands of BJP. Himachal is mature in this matter. Himachal remains firm on development matters.

Harish Rawat said that the basic questions of Himachal Pradesh have never been resolved during the tenure of the BJP government, that is why whenever the people there brought BJP, they also showed the way outside BJP for the second time. This time also Himachal will punish BJP. Harish Rawat said that Uttarakhand has become a Kautik State. Today, the result of the same proverb is that this state is running on the sale of gravel, liquor and land. Let me know if there is any other activity?