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Uttar Pradesh : Be ready to pay another tax like house tax and water tax, UP government is making rules for recovery

Another tax is being prepared in Uttar Pradesh on the lines of house tax and water tax. Detailed rules are being prepared for the recovery of this tax. In this, from the rate of tax to the name of the department which will collect it, will be decided. The name of this tax is fire tax. After the provision of fire tax was made in the Uttar Pradesh Fire and Emergency Services Ordinance-2022, its exercise has started. Prepared by accepting the Central Government’s Model Fire and Emergency Service Bill-2019. After this ordinance comes in the form of a bill and becomes a law, after its implementation, the fire department will be empowered. Like its police system, the state government is preparing to make the system of fire department more comprehensive and effective.

Under this, not only more manpower will be given to the fire department, but necessary equipment will also be given with more powers. With its presence up to the tehsil level, it is easy for the fire department to be the first to reach in case of any disaster. SDRF and NDRF teams reach only after that. In such a situation, the availability of all kinds of resources with him is also considered necessary. In the ordinance, appointment of fire safety officer has been made mandatory for big and commercial buildings. These officers will be posted only after taking district Chief Fire Safety Officer (CFSO) or Fire Officer (FSO) level training.

In such a situation, the training of these officers will also have to be done by the fire department. For this, they will also have to expand their training capacity. At present, the proposal to increase the capacity of the training center at Unnao is under consideration.