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Uttarakhand : Now IAS Deepak Rawat came on the streets of Haldwani, people were stunned to see the action

During the inspection, from the factory market to the vegetable market and Mangal Padav Kaladhungi intersection, the commissioner took stock of the encroachment including banned polythene in the market. Along with this, the officers were instructed to mark the encroachments and start the campaign to remove the encroachments. Apart from this, the Kumaon Commissioner also raided Haldwani Furniture Mart saw machine at Kaladhungi Road where, finding the renewal of the saw machine and the electricity meter suspicious, called the officials of Forest Department and Electricity Department on the spot and investigated. When the bill of saw machine came last month only 5511, the electricity department was called on the spot and a check meter was installed, which will be examined by the electricity department for 15 days and the report will be submitted. In the evening, the Kumaon commissioner went on foot to inspect the city. He made a surprise inspection regarding polythene in Haldwani Mandi while passing through the factory market. The commissioner also seized polythene from several shops. Along with this, while visiting the market, seeing the encroachment, dozens of shopkeepers were found encroachment on the road outside their shop, on which the Commissioner instructed City Magistrate Richa Singh to mark the encroachment continuously and carry out the campaign to remove the encroachment. During the on-site inspection, 44 illegal shops located near the Kham complex, which are at risk of collapse, were also challaned by the authority. Along with this, private hoardings and banners on public property were also challaned by the municipal team. Read further Seeing the system of encroachment on foot, the commissioner proceeded towards Mukhani while passing through Kaladhungi intersection, the commissioner made a surprise inspection at Haldwani Furniture Mart. During this, on asking about the renewal of saw machine, it was found that the license has gone for renewal, on which the Kumaon commissioner called the forest department officials on the spot.

Along with this, in view of the suspicion of less power consumption in the saw machine, the Kumaon commissioner called the officials of the electricity department on the spot to investigate. Along with this, instructions were given to conduct a complete investigation in case of non-matching of GST on wood and purchase of wood. Even after the renovation of sandalwood pharmacy is found to be running, the shop will be sealed and in case of absence of pharmacist in the pharmacy, the concerned pharmacist will be contacted. Instructions were given to the Drug Inspector to cancel the license. The Divisional Commissioner said that action should be taken after checking all the shops running without pharmacists. Along with this, the commissioner has also asked the GST officer to investigate and submit a report on gutkas and cigarettes being brought into the city by tax evasion. The Kumaon Commissioner has instructed the City Magistrate and the Municipal Commissioner to conduct rapid raids regarding polythene. Along with this, IAS Deepak Rawat has expressed his displeasure over the use of polythene in the market and directed the officials that there should be a complete ban on polythene.