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Uttar Pradesh / Auraya: Greed to two times the money by closing her eyes with jewelry and jewelry and jewelry

The woman, a resident of Sikrodi village, was going to work on the farm on Thursday afternoon with her daughter. On the way, two youth riding bikes came. He first asked someone’s address. After this, describing himself as Baba of Haridwar, he took things. Greed the money two times, with cash and jewelry from mother-daughter. Both asked to close the eyes. As soon as he did this, he escaped. On finding out the tapaji, the police was informed. The soldier who arrived from Ajitmal Kotwali recorded the victim’s statements.

Talking about Baba of Haridwar, incident

According to the information, Lakshmi wife Sughar Singh had left with her daughter Rakhi to go to the farm from home. On the way, she started going to take gram greens near Jajpur village. Meanwhile, two young men riding bikes came in front of them. Asked the way to go to Sikrodi village. In the talk itself, he said that he is a Baba in Haridwar. They know the art of twice the money.

An incident took place in Sikrodi village in broad daylight

After coming to their words, the mother-daughter closed the eyes according to their saying. The youth said do not look back. I bring soil from the field. The accused escaped after incident in broad daylight. Lakshmi opened her eyes when not returning for a long time and no sound was given. Asked the daughter to do the same. Both of them did not find the youth there. Other jewelry and cash, including earbalas, got upset when they were given to them and both of them had no idea. Some villagers came on their noise. Meanwhile, the police reached the statements of the victims. Kotwal Shashi Bhushan Mishra said that the investigation of the entire case has been started. Soon the tapas will be caught.