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Odisha / Bhuvaneswar: Even after the birth of 11 children, the wishes of the children were not fulfilled! Husband kicked out of the house after the wife got sterilized, now forced to sleep under the tree

In Odisha, a tribal woman was thrown out of the house by her husband for getting her sterilized. The husband threatened the woman that if she tried to enter the house, he would kill her with a bow and arrow. The woman gave birth to 11 children, in which one of her children died. This incident is of Dimiriya village under Telkoi block of Kendujhar. A woman named Janaki Dehuri is now forced to live under a tree. Ravi Dehuri, Janaki’s husband, believes that a doctor has operated on Janaki, after which his wife has become impure.

Getting pregnant every year had become embarrassing – victim

The local ASHA worker explained to Janki about the dangers of giving birth every year for more than 10 years. After which the woman got sterilized. Janki says my first child has died. At present I have 10 children. It had become embarrassing for me to be pregnant every year as my kids have grown. Most of the women are getting sterilised. This is not a new thing, but my husband does not understand this. Bijayalakshmi Biswal, an ASHA worker from Dimiriya village, said, “I have been observing the health condition of Janki, which has worsened after each delivery. she breaks. Janaki cannot bear the pregnancy anymore. Apart from this, she can also raise food for all her children.

The ASHA worker told that when I asked her to go to the hospital for sterilization, she agreed. However, after hearing this, her husband got furious. Ravi is not letting her inside his house. I tried to explain the condition of his wife to Ravi, but he is not ready to listen to me. He is threatening to kill me if I go near him.

BDO was informed

Telcoi’s health officer has assured to look into the matter. The official said it is a sensitive issue and efforts are being made to pacify Ravi. He said that Telcoi BDO has been informed about this and efforts are being made to resolve the issue soon.

Husband said – how dare to do this without asking me

The woman’s husband Ravi Dehuri says how dare she do this without asking me. It is disturbing my soul. Why should I put her back in the house? Now Ravi’s wife is living under the mango tree in front of the house.