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Uttar Pradesh / Kanpur: Two grooms arrived with a wedding procession for a bride, there was a lot of ruckus

You must have seen many weddings, there must have been dances in many processions, but you have hardly ever heard or seen a procession of two grooms for one bride, but such a surprising case came to light in Kanpur Dehat, where a bride For this, two grooms reached with a wedding procession. The difference was such that one groom had arrived with his family and relatives in a procession, while the UP police had participated in the other groom’s procession. During this there was a lot of uproar. After which a procession had to return empty-handed.

It so happened that the marriage of Shailendra Prajapati’s daughter living in Akbarpur police station area of Kanpur Dehat was fixed with Umesh, son of Rambir Prajapati living in Chaubepur. On February 27, Umesh had reached the guest house with the procession when the phone rang of the bride’s father Shailendra, which surprised his family and the people of the procession. The father of the bride was told on the phone that Jyoti is only mine and she cannot be married to anyone else. She is my wife. This thing said on the phone blew everyone’s senses.

Two wedding processions arrived for one bride!

Before the family members of the bride and groom could understand anything, the police team of Akbarpur police station reached the guest house along with the second groom Ramashish and got the wedding stopped. The police directly reach the father of the bride and say that your daughter is married. Her first husband has called the police on 112 and told that his wife’s second marriage is being arranged. Police said that the complainant has given his name as Ramashish. He says that he has married Jyoti in the Arya Samaj temple.

Actually, Ramashish is a resident of Lucknow. He met Jyoti through social media and Both belonged to the same fraternity, after which both fell in love and after 5 months both made up their mind to marry each other. After this they got married in Arya Samaj temple and started living comfortably in their respective homes. Meanwhile, Jyoti’s family fixed her marriage elsewhere and on February 27, when the wedding procession arrived and Jyoti was sitting in the bride’s dress, the police reached and stopped her marriage.

Due to the arrival of two grooms, there was a lot of ruckus

After this, there was a lot of ruckus in the marriage, the bride started crying and said that her marriage was done under pressure. Ramshish used to blackmail me and I could not tell my family members, while Jyoti’s lover Ramshish told that Jyoti had told about our relationship to the boy with whom Jyoti’s marriage was fixed and now even after leaving Umesh was talking about marrying Jyoti, after which I took the help of the police. Amidst all this uproar, Umesh took back his wedding procession without taking the bride.

Who got the bride in the end?

Umesh Prajapati is posted as a constable in UP Police. Umesh’s father said that he was cheated. The girl has been married earlier, it would be better if we take the procession back. In this way, the first groom stopped the procession of the second groom. After which a groom took the wedding procession back without the bride, after which the bride’s father got the daughter married to her lover and first husband. In this way Ramashish took his bride home.