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Uttar Pradesh: In the postmortem house, the mother cried hugging the son’s dead body, then the son started breathing!

The breath of the youth who died in the road accident suddenly started running in the postmortem house on Sunday night. On this, the relatives took out the sealed dead body and took it to the helmet. After keeping there under observation for about two and a quarter hours, he was again declared dead. Ahmed (20), son of Iqbal Hussain, a resident of Pipauri, Gujaini, used to play DJ. On Saturday, he went to Bidhanu to play DJ in a program. While returning late in the evening, he was sitting on the DJ box loaded on the pickup. In Manjhawan, the pickup collided with a loader, causing Ahmed to fall down and get injured. Police sent him to Bidhanu CHC, where he was declared brought dead. After sealing the dead body and sending it for postmortem, the police informed the relatives about the incident. The relatives reached the postmortem house at night and mother Badrunnishan started crying hugging the dead body. Only then did he realize that the son was breathing. The steam was also frozen on the plastic bag. In a hurry, the family members broke the seal in the bag, took out the dead body and took it to the helmet, where its prescription was made and treatment started. Relatives say that the son’s treatment in Halat lasted for about two and a half hours. He died around 11 pm. Also accused the doctor of negligence in CHC. At the same time, the EMO doing duty in the helmet has told the whole incident as an illusion.

Late in the evening the young man was admitted to the emergency. His ECG and pulse were checked several times. There was no movement in it. The family members were just confused. Efforts were made to satisfy them. He was declared dead after some time.

Dr. Anurag Rajouria, EMO, Halt