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Uttarakhand: Congress told the package expected from the Center regarding Joshimath disaster is insufficient, Suresh Joshi said – Opposition’s objection is just air

Taking a jibe at the Congress for calling the package expected from the Center inadequate regarding the Joshimath disaster, the BJP termed it as a song without melody. Party State Spokesperson Suresh Joshi tauntingly said that from which experts Congress has made its DPR which shows the package of 2000 crores proposed by the Dhami government as less. Answering the questions of journalists at the party state headquarters, Joshi said that the government has sent a proposal of an estimated disaster fund to the Center after assessing all aspects of the Joshimath disaster by all administrative and technical experts. But alas, the Congress party is making baseless claims regarding this relief package just for the purpose of protest. Questioning, he said that if the Congress party had made a DPR worth more than 2000 crores with the help of experts on the spot, then perhaps we would also believe that they are concerned about the people of Joshimath. But spreading confusion by saying less than the proposed package of the government just by airing your head and feet is just like singing songs without melody.

Joshi took a jibe at Harish Rawat’s announcement to implement Rajasthan’s Universal Health Scheme across the country in 24 years, saying that he and his party should stop dreaming of Mungerilal. At least there is no need to learn from the Gehlot government which proved to be a flop on all issues like employment, development, law and order, education, health and especially on its own promises. Everyone knows that all the big schemes run in the country regarding health, they all run through the National Health Mission, so the Congress government of Rajasthan is not doing anything special on its behalf. On top of that, it is important that how many people have got the benefit of this scheme so far, this scheme of Rajasthan government is a form of Congress culture of making schemes only for the sake of name. He alleged that Harish Rawat and the Congress party have become a party limited only to all social media mediums like YouTube, Portal, Facebook, which make all these statements only and only for the sake of discussion. But the people of the country have understood all this very well and do not trust any of their promises.