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Excise Department in Uttarakhand on backfoot due to Delhi dispute! Officers trapped in ‘Dharmasankat’?

The steps of the Excise Department regarding the Excise Policy in Uttarakhand have been somewhat slow. The prepared proposal regarding the new policy has been sent to the government. For a long time, this proposal could not be brought in the cabinet at the government level. It is reported that the reason behind this is the controversy after the alleged corruption in the excise policy in Delhi. Because of which the officials of the Excise Department are taking steps with bated breath. This may sound strange, but it is true that the excise policy of Uttarakhand is stuck due to the controversial excise policy of the Delhi government. Actually, the new excise policy of 2021 in Delhi is in great controversy. The situation is such that even the then Deputy CM in the Delhi government had to go to Tihar Jail. Not only this, many officers are also on the radar of CBI. In such a situation, the excise policy of Uttarakhand has also been affected in a tremendous way. This is because the proposal regarding excise policy in the state has been waiting for a long time to be brought in the cabinet, but even after lakhs of efforts, this policy has not yet been approved by the cabinet. It is being told that behind this is the fear of officials at the government level, which has arisen after seeing the situation in Delhi. That’s why the officers are fudging every step. When Commissioner Excise and Secretary Excise Harish Chandra Semwal were asked on this matter, they refused to tell anything on the new policy.

Challenge in front of officials regarding new excise policy

After the new excise policy in Delhi, many officials and leaders are behind bars. The CBI has interrogated officials as well as the representatives of the government regarding the irregularities found in the policy and benefiting the liquor businessmen at all points. Realizing these conditions, the officials of the Uttarakhand Excise Department are making strides in the policy. In fact, on the one hand, there is a challenge before the officials to get more revenue for the state by formulating a better policy, and on the other hand, the department is trying to give importance to the liquor businessmen as well. So that the liquor businessmen show interest in taking the government tender. In this sense, there can be a barrage of allegations if there is a slight disturbance in the coordination between the favorable policy for the liquor businessmen and the efforts of the government to keep the revenue better. Seeing only these challenges and possibilities, the excise officials are in a quandary. Due to which the excise policy of Uttarakhand is hanging in balance.