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Uttarakhand: BJP’s attack on Harda, Kainthola said – Harish Rawat posts on social media only to remain in the news

Attacking Congress leader Harish Rawat’s comment on social media, BJP state spokesperson Bipin Kainthola said that Rawat has started talking absurd things and beyond facts just to remain in the news today, Taking a dig at Harish Rawat for the comment made about Harish Rawat, he said that this post of Harish Rawat is a baseless post, and the only purpose of this post is only to garner headlines in politics, he said that today most of the Congress leaders, including Rawat, are light-hearted. Talking beyond rhetoric and facts, Kainthola said that the state’s image tarnishes due to statements without facts and without facts, but Congress Leaders still do not desist from such rhetoric, and do not fail to spoil the reputation of the state with their absurd statements.

Kainthola said that Rawat was blamed for the misdeeds and anti-people policies of his government, due to which Uttarakhand remained far behind in the path of development, and also Rawat should tell the people of Uttarakhand that during the Congress government’s tenure and Rawat’s How many times and for how many days assembly sessions were held in Bharadisain during the government’s tenure, Kainthola said that the Congress itself organized sessions in Bharadisain twice during its tenure, which Harish Rawat and Congress leaders probably forget, and even more so their own Forgets the anti-public works done on time,

Kainthola said that the people of Uttarakhand told Rawat and the Congress party in both the 2017-22 assembly elections that the people who called themselves the so-called Gaad Gadare ka Lal must have felt cold, or how serious they were for development. Yes, and Congress and Rawat’s bag has also been defeated badly and tied, whose tis till date Congress and Rawat are unable to forget, and by making absurd statements, they are working to tarnish the image of Uttarakhand Pradesh, but the answer is also In 2024, by defeating both Rawat and the Congress again from all the five Lok Sabha seats, the public will work to cover the expanses of Boria.