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Uttarakhand: Bhagat Singh Koshiyari gave this great advice to CM Dhami

The former Governor of Maharashtra is in constant discussions after his return to Uttarakhand. Once again Bhagat da has come in the discussions. Bhagat da has given advice to CM Dhami this time. After which talks are happening everywhere about his advice.

Bhagat Da gave advice to CM Dhami
Former Governor of Maharashtra and former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Bhagat Singh Koshyari came in discussions after a post by Harish Rawat. But once Bhagat da has become the subject of discussions because of one of his statements. Actually Bhagat da has given an advice to CM Dhami. After which there has been a stir in the political corridors.

Advised to send officers to the field for four days
Bhagat da advised CM Pushkar Singh Dhami that the officers should remain in the field for four days. While giving this advice, he said that work is not done until you go to the field itself.

Along with this, he said that if the officers and directors associated with agriculture go to the field, it would be better. There is no estimate whether any officers will go to the field or not.

Officers should be among the farmers for four days
Bhagat da said that officers related to agriculture, farming and horticulture should be among the farmers for four days a week. If the officers are with him among the farmers then great work will be done in this field.

Along with this, he said that the Chief Minister should ask the officers to go among the farmers. If they do not go, they should be asked to sit at home.