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R Madhavan said this big thing about Kangana Ranaut, said- ‘She is not the actress who slaps men…

Kangana Ranaut always remains in the limelight with her outspoken style and statements. The actress is surrounded by one or the other controversies, many times Kangana has also received threats, but she never gave up and continued on her way. There are very few people in the Bollywood industry who praise Kangana Ranaut. The actress has been in headlines for more than a few days, but in the meantime R Madhavan has praised Kangana a lot. During an interview, he mentioned many strong women in his life, out of which Kangana was also named.

R Madhavan has worked with Kangana Ranaut in two films. The two appeared together in ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ in 2011 and again in ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ in 2015. Both the film and the pairing were hits.

During the interview, Madhavan told Kangana 
During a recent interview, Madhavan described Kangana as a helpless woman and praised her a lot. Kangana also replied to Madhavan on Twitter, writing, “Sharma ji aap bade darling type ho.”

Women are courageous
In an interview with Rohan Dua, R Madhavan revealed that all the women who have worked in his films have been courageous. My mother is a very strong woman in my house with whom I have had the good fortune to live. My mother was a manager in a bank in Bihar for 30 years.

Kangna’s praise 
Madhavan was asked about working with Kangana, ‘Talking about the good fortune of working with strong women like Kangana Ranaut or Shalini, all these women have their own opinion. You can’t force them. These are strong women who like to do things their own way. She is not the traditional actress who comes and dances in a few films, gets slapped by men and walks away.

Upcoming movies 
Talking about R Madhavan’s films, he was recently seen in ‘Rocketry’. Apart from this, ‘American Pandit’, ‘Test’, C Sankaran Nair’s biopic are his upcoming films.