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6 thousand 934 cases were found in 24 hours, 24 deaths; 9 thousand people recovered

For the last 3 days, the graph of active cases of Corona is coming down. There were 67 thousand 806 active cases on 22 April. On April 23, this figure came down to 65 thousand 683. And on April 24, 63 thousand 380 active cases were registered. According to OutbreakIndia, 6 thousand 934 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours, while 24 people died. At the same time, 9 thousand 213 people have recovered from Corona. On Sunday, 6 thousand 904 new infected were found.

On Saturday, 10 thousand 112 new cases of corona were reported, while 29 people died. During this, 9 thousand 833 people were cured. Apart from this, 12 thousand 193 new cases were registered on Friday, while 42 people died. More than 10 thousand people had also recovered from Corona.

1.69 lakh new cases were found in 22 days of April
1.69 lakh new cases have been found in 22 days of April. In the 31 days of March, only 31,902 cases were reported. Compared to that, 5.3 times more cases have been found in April. There are still 8 days left for April, in such a situation the number of new cases is expected to be very high.

More than 10 thousand new cases in 9 days in April
In the beginning of April, 2-3 thousand dailies were coming. This figure increased by one thousand daily and on April 12, 10,158 cases were found. 11,109 cases were found on 13 April, 10,753 cases were found on 14 April, 10,093 cases were found on 15 April.

On 16 and 15 April, the cases decreased by less than 10,000. 9,111 cases were reported on 16 April and 7,633 on 17 April. After this the cases started increasing again. 10,542 cases were found on 18 April, 12,591 cases on 19 April. On April 20, 11,692 cases were registered and on April 21, 12,193 cases were received.

More than 58% new cases in top-5 states, Kerala at the forefront
In the last 24 hours, 6 thousand 934 new corona patients were found in the country. Out of these, 4090 cases were found in only 5 states. This is more than 58% of the total figures.

  • Kerala: 1572 new cases were found here, 1906 people got cured, while 9 people died. Currently there are 16,630 active cases here.
  • Haryana: 856 new cases came here, one person died. There 1034 people have recovered from Corona. The positivity rate here is 13.53%.
  • Delhi: 689 new cases were reported here last day and 1253 people were cured. At present there are 5011 active cases in the state. The positivity rate here is 29.42%.
  • Tamil Nadu: 491 new cases were found here, one person died while 521 people were cured. Currently there are 3640 active cases in the state. The positivity rate here is 7.19%.
  • Chhattisgarh: 482 new cases have come here, not even a single death has occurred. At the same time, 475 people have recovered from Corona. Active cases have become 3090 here.