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Bigg Boss fame Priyanka Chahar Choudhary reacts on the allegation of ‘theft of clothes worth 30 lakhs’!

Famous designer Ishita Riya Gupta has claimed that Bigg Boss fame Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary has stolen her branded clothes. The designer had also told in his allegations that the cost of those clothes was Rs 30 lakh. Not only this, he also said that Priyanka has copied Ishita’s style as well. In such a situation, now Priyanka Chaudhary has given her reaction on this allegation.

What was Ishita’s allegation?

Ishita had made serious allegations against TV actress Priyanka Chaudhary from her verified Twitter account. He had said that the clothes of his brand were worn by Priyanka, which were exclusive designs. Fashion stylist and designer Ishita made a tweet accusing Priyanka Chahar. Although now he has deleted those tweets. In her first tweet, she said, “Obsessed lady with a psychotic PR team who can’t stop harassing others. This is the definition of toxic. Created a fake personality to impress others.

He further wrote- ‘She thinks that as I am, she will dress like me and become like me. Yes maybe after a billion rebirths it can happen. He stole my clothes worth 30 thousand pounds. I said nothing.’

Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary reacted

After this news about Priyanka came to the fore on social media, now the actress has shared a cryptic post. Priyanka has put her point indirectly without taking any name, without giving any reference. He shared a story on Instagram.

In his story, he shared a quote in which it was written- ‘If they respect you then you do too, if they don’t respect you then don’t stop giving them respect. Do not allow anyone to have the courage to change your personality according to their words. Because you represent yourself and not anyone else.