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Why are BJP’s stomach aching due to the release of Anand Mohan? JDU President Lalan Singh got angry

Anand Mohan: Politics has heated up on the release of Bihar’s Bahubali leader and former MP Anand Mohan from jail. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s party JDU national president Lalan Singh attacked the BJP on Tuesday. He said why the BJP is feeling pain due to the release of Anand Mohan. BJP people should know that Nitish government does not make any difference between common and special person. Please tell that Anand Mohan is serving a jail term in the murder of DM G Krishnaiah. Now he is going to be released soon.

JDU national president Lalan Singh has targeted the BJP. He tweeted that the BJP has now come out in the open on the release of Anand Mohan. Earlier, she was getting her B team of UP to protest. BJP should know that in the good governance of Nitish Kumar, no difference is made between the common man and the special person. He said that Anand Mohan served the entire sentence and the exemption that any convicted person gets, he was not getting that exemption because provision was made in the rule for special people. Nitish Kumar ended the difference between common and special and brought uniformity, then the way for his release was paved. Don’t know why the stomach of the BJP people has started feeling pain.

Let us tell you that the Nitish government had recently changed the prison rules. After this, a decision was taken by the Home Department to release 26 people including Anand Mohan from jail. All of them are in jail for the murder of government servants. Earlier, in such cases, the culprits had to stay in jail for life. But after the rule change, like other murder cases, those convicted of killing government servants can now be released from jail after completing a certain period of their sentence. Now the political rhetoric on this issue is at its peak in the state.