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Chhasttisgarh / Bastar: Many people, including the bride and groom, became victims, seeing Crime Patrol on TV, the idea of ​​revenge came from the lover

Last week in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar district, the acid attack on the bride and groom sitting in the wedding hall was done by none other than the groom’s ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend of the groom was angry with his infidelity. After which he carried out this dangerous incident. 10 people got scorched in the acid attack of ex-girlfriend. Bastar police have now arrested his 23-year-old ex-girlfriend. The incident took place on April 19, when the groom Damrudhar Baghel (25) was getting married to a 19-year-old girl in small Amabal village of Bastar. Meanwhile, the ex-girlfriend of the groom attacked with acid. In the acid attack, the bride, groom and 10 baratis involved in the marriage were moderately burnt. Police, after examining footage from 12 CCTV cameras installed in the village, managed to nab the woman, who had disguised herself as a man to hide her identity during the attack.

Both were in love relationship for many years

The accused woman told the police that she was in love with Damrudhar Baghel for the past several years and had promised to marry him. However, when he started marrying another girl, he was upset about this. After this he took this step. The case pertains to Bhanpuri police station area of the district. According to the information, seven years ago, the accused girl, a resident of Kanwad village, had met Damru Baghel, a resident of Sudhapal. The meeting between the two continued. During this both of them also promised to marry each other. Meanwhile, Damru Baghel decided to marry another girl. Whose girlfriend was not aware of.

Committed the crime after watching Crime Patrol on TV

However, when in the meantime the girl came to know about his marriage, she called Damru and asked him about the marriage. But, Damru denied the talk of marriage. After which the girlfriend tried to call the young man several times. But, he stopped picking up the call. Then, while watching ‘Crime Patrol’ on TV, he got the idea of taking revenge by attacking Damrudhar with acid. The ex-girlfriend somehow found out that Damru was getting married. The pavilion is decorated. Has reached with the wedding procession. The ex-girlfriend also reached the wedding ceremony on the evening of 19 April. That night there was a power failure due to a storm. Taking advantage of this, the girlfriend did an acid attack. After which the girl has been arrested on Sunday.

The accused woman confessed to the crime during interrogation

Bastar Additional Superintendent of Police Nivedita Pal said she stole acid from a chilli farm where she works, which is used to clean drip systems in the farm. Paul told that police officers including more than 10 SHOs of the district were engaged in catching the accused woman. Nivedita told that more than 12 CCTV footage installed on the route leading to Bhanpuri were searched. The accused was being searched in Sonarpal, Balenga, Mundagaon, Bastar and other villages. Then, information was received from the informer that Damru had a love affair with a young woman living in the area. He said that investigation revealed the involvement of the woman, who was the ex-girlfriend of the groom, following which she was taken into custody. On interrogation, the girl accepted her crime.