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Sanjay Sherpuria, who cheated crores, got caught by STF, told himself close to BJP leaders

STF arrested Sanjay Sherpuria from Vibhutikhand area late on Tuesday night. He is accused of cheating crores of rupees by forming an institution. He has been in discussion earlier also. He claims to be close to the big leaders of BJP and collects huge amount from the people by giving various kinds of greed. Apart from this, many types of big frauds have been done. STF can reveal this on Wednesday.

Sanjay runs an organization named For Youth, whose slogan is the goal of making Ghazipur self-reliant with self-employment. According to the information, he claims to be a relative or close friend of big BJP leaders and eminent officers. Possession of luxurious bungalow in Delhi. A similar big network has been created in Gujarat. He collects money from people by claiming to get them done on the pretext of getting them done. This amount runs into lakhs and crores. STF was probing this for a long time. He was arrested after collecting strong evidence. STF ADG Amitabh Yash has confirmed the arrest of Sanjay Sherpuria.