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Elon Musk claims from X, Central Government blocked posts and accounts, but does not agree

Elon Musk’s X has accepted this order and has taken action on those accounts, but has also registered its disagreement.

X’s Global Government Affairs has posted, in which it has been told that following the order of the Government of India, some He said that people should have freedom of speech. However, the details of the blocked account have not been revealed yet.

The old name of X was Twitter. Twitter’s policies are slightly different, due to which the Government of India and Twitter have come face to face many times. However, the owners of the company have changed now. Now the command of this company is with Elon Musk.

The post said, the Government of India issued executive orders. In this, it has been said that action will be taken on some  “Will block posts only in India. However disagree with this action.

Why does the Government of India close accounts?
Social media companies operating in India have to work according to the rules and guidelines. If the government feels that social harmony may deteriorate due to someone’s post or account. So the government can order to block or suspend that account or post.

Congress surrounded the government, posted

Congress national spokesperson Supriya Srinet tried to corner the central government by posting on the X platform. While retweeting X’s Global Government Affairs post, he put the government in the dock. Also said that the government is taking forced action.