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IPL 2024 Schedule: 10 cities, 17 days, 21 matches… What’s special this time in IPL 2024 schedule

The schedule of the first 21 matches of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 has been released. IPL 2024 is going to start from March 22. There will be a total of 21 matches over a period of 17 days. These 21 matches will be played in 10 cities. The first match in IPL 2024 will be between Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings and Faf du Plessis’s Royal Challengers Bangalore on March 22 at 8 pm.

KKR has the least number of matches, no matches in Delhi

This inaugural match will be played at MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. According to the released schedule, cricket fans will get to see a total of four double headers during these 17 days. Double header means two matches will be played in a day. Evening matches will be played from 7.30 pm, while afternoon matches will be played from 3.30 pm.

During the first 17 days, the teams of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Delhi Capitals (DC) and Gujarat Titans (GT) will play a maximum of 5 matches each. Whereas Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), Mumbai Indians (MI), Rajasthan Royals (RR), Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) and Punjab Kings (PBKS) will get to play four matches each. Whereas Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) will participate in only three matches.

The special thing about this schedule is that Rishabh Pant’s Delhi Capitals will play its opening home match in Vizag (Visakhapatnam). Whereas the home matches of other teams are going to be held on their home grounds. Perhaps due to Lok Sabha elections, contests have not been scheduled in Delhi.

Schedule of first 21 matches of IPL 2024

  1. Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, March 22, Chennai, 8.00 PM
  2. Punjab Kings vs Delhi Capitals, March 23, Mohali, 3.30 pm
  3. Kolkata Knight Riders vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, March 23, Kolkata, 7.30 PM
  4. Rajasthan Royals vs Lucknow Super Giants, March 24, Jaipur, 3.30 PM
  5. Gujarat Titans vs Mumbai Indians, March 24, Ahmedabad, 7.30 pm
  6. Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Punjab Kings, March 25, Bengaluru, 7.30 pm
  7. Chennai Super Kings vs Gujarat Titans, March 26, Chennai, 7.30 pm
  8. Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Mumbai Indians, March 27, Hyderabad, 7.30 pm
  9. Rajasthan Royals vs Delhi Capitals, March 28, Jaipur, 7.30 pm
  10. Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders, March 29, Bengaluru, 7.30 PM
  11. Lucknow Super Giants vs Punjab Kings, March 30, Lucknow, 7.30 pm
  12. Gujarat Titans vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, March 31, Ahmedabad, 3.30 PM
  13. Delhi Capitals vs Chennai Super Kings, March 31, Vizag, 7.30 PM
  14. Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals, April 1, Mumbai, 7.30 pm
  15. Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Lucknow Super Giants, April 2, Bengaluru, 7.30 PM
  16. Delhi Capitals vs Kolkata Knight Riders, April 3, Vizag, 7.30 PM
  17. Gujarat Titans vs Punjab Kings, April 4, Ahmedabad, 7.30 PM
  18. Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Chennai Super Kings, April 5, Hyderabad, 7.30 PM
  19. Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, April 6, Jaipur, 7.30 PM
  20. Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Capitals, April 7, Mumbai, 3.30 PM
  21. Lucknow Super Giants vs Gujarat Titans, April 7, Lucknow, 7.30 PM

BCCI told when the remaining schedule will be released

It has been told by BCCI that the schedule of the remaining IPL matches will be released after the announcement of the general election dates. The statement said, ‘BCCI will work closely with the government and security agencies to follow all necessary protocols and instructions related to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in India. Once the dates for the 18th Lok Sabha elections are announced, the Board will review and resolve any issues related to the schedule for the 21 matches. After this, the BCCI will work with the local authorities to finalize the schedule for the remaining season keeping in mind the voting dates.

IPL 2024 will also be like the 2023 season of IPL and 74 matches will be played in it. Last time IPL ran for 60 days, but this time IPL can run for 67 days. Due to the general elections, the IPL schedule is likely to be extended by a week. When Lok Sabha elections were held in the country in 2019, a similar approach was adopted, even then the IPL schedule came in two parts. The IPL final is likely to be played on May 26.