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Uttarakhand: Premchand Aggarwal said – This time the budget will be bigger than all the previous budgets, the focus will be on GYAN

Cabinet Minister Premchand Aggarwal participated in the Vikas Bharat Sankalp Mega Exhibition organized at Rishi Kul. During this, he also gave a statement on the upcoming budget session. He said that this will be the public budget. This time the budget will be bigger than all the previous budgets. At the same time, Minister Aggarwal also gave his reaction on the farmers’ movement.

This time’s budget will be special

Cabinet Minister Premchand Aggarwal said that the Uttarakhand budget session is starting from February 26. Which will run till 1st March. The government is trying to present a good budget for the people of Uttarakhand. Suggestions were sought from the people of the state regarding this budget. Which were also considered. This time the budget will be bigger than the budgets of previous years. Which will be in the interest of the people of the state.

Minister Aggarwal said that last time a budget of Rs 77 thousand crore was presented. Apart from this, a supplementary budget of Rs 11 thousand crore was also brought, but this time the budget is going to be special in many ways. Apart from this, the government’s focus will also be on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resolution GYAN. Under which the budget will be kept keeping in mind G meaning poverty, Y meaning youth, A meaning giver and N meaning women.

What did Premchand Aggarwal say on the farmers’ movement?

At the same time, on the farmers’ movement, Cabinet Minister Premchand Aggarwal said that the kind of work that the Modi government has done for the farmers, no one has done it till date. It is not right to do such agitation before elections. The government is also ready to talk. In such a situation, there is a need to be patient. Farmers should be patient and talk to the government. This government is beneficial to the farmers.