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New word is beneficiaries of government’s favor – Beneficiary

Gopal Rathi

During the tenure of Narendra Modi, a new word has come into vogue, its name is beneficiary. Running the government’s welfare schemes as a favor and getting votes by calling them gifts has never happened before in such a well-planned manner.

The Congress governments gave leases of agricultural land to the landless on a large scale, gave leases of residential land, gave houses to the homeless through Indira Awas, the scheme of building toilets in every house had started during the Congress rule itself. The government systematically ended the inhumane practice of sanitation. Ended discrimination against sanitation workers.

Easy loans and grants were given from banks for digging wells and installing motor pumps in the fields. Loans were given for animal husbandry.

For the successful implementation of government welfare schemes, banking facilities were expanded and rural banks were established. After the nationalization of banks, it became easier for small traders, entrepreneurs, farmers to get loans for small scale industries. The middle class got the benefit of this. Got a chance to realize one’s dreams by taking loan for house and vehicle etc. Earlier, Jawahar Rozgar Yojana was run to provide employment in rural areas. Later, MNREGA was started under the Employment Guarantee Act made during the UPA regime, which was implemented during the BJP regime. It is also going on in India. The work of lighting every poor hut through one light connection was done during the Congress rule only.

Public distribution system was started for the weaker sections of the society and common citizens and food grains, sugar etc. were available at subsidized rates. During the UPA tenure, a food security law was made under which free food grains were distributed to the poor during the Corona period and now 80 crore people. Free ration is being given. When there was a severe famine in the country, then a food-for-work scheme was run in every village, in which after working for eight hours, every person was given food grains as wages so that no one goes hungry during the famine. stay l

The Congress governments made arrangements for the best education for the Scheduled Caste and Tribe students through hostels, scholarships and study materials etc. Many schemes were made and implemented for the education and empowerment of girls belonging to the Scheduled Caste and Tribe category. 6 It is evident that the Right to Education Act made during the UPA regime for free and compulsory education of children up to 14 years of age has greatly improved the condition of schools.

Education came closer to the children through the establishment of schools in rural areas. Today, the feeling of self-respect that has awakened among the Scheduled Castes, Tribes, Backward Classes and women is the result of various welfare schemes of the previous governments. What is being tried to be forgotten today. is l

There are crores of beneficiaries who have benefited from Congress schemes. But the previous governments did not take political advantage of these schemes in the way that the present government is taking advantage of.

Congress implemented these schemes to reduce social inequality and make them self-reliant. The government accepted it as its responsibility and did its duty and did not do any favor to anyone. Whereas the present government gives photos of its leaders in bags of 5 kg free food grains. It reveals the pitiful condition of the poor of this country that they elect the government for five years in exchange of five kilos of food grains. The Prime Minister proudly speaks about this shame in his meeting and The public claps.

The IT cell criticizes the free schemes run by the governments of any other party by terming them as freebies and praises the free schemes of its own government.

Whether the welfare scheme is run by Congress or BJP, it is not run from anyone’s personal or party funds. These schemes are run from government funds which are ultimately public money. This is for the information of the tax payers who have stomach ache on the schemes for the poor. It is important to tell that every poor person also contributes to the tax money. The common man pays indirect tax on everything from beedi to matchsticks purchased from the market. This new trend of doing a favor to the public with public money is anti-poor and anti-people. Like in the feudal era, the beneficiaries do not get tired of praising the favors of the representatives who provided relief and alms. They return the debt of salt in the form of votes.