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Madhya Pradesh / Rajgarh: This is too much! The neighbor wreaked such havoc on the child for breaking the leg of a chicken, knowing this your soul will also tremble

Such a shocking case has come to light in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, that even you will say that only a devil can do such an act. Here, accusing a young man of breaking the leg of his chicken, he applied chilli powder on the entire body including the genitals of a 10 year old child living in the neighborhood, due to which the child started screaming due to irritation. When the child’s mother came to know about the neighbor’s actions, she reached the police station with her son and complained about the action against the neighbor. The Child Commission along with Anhisa Welfare Society has also taken cognizance of this incident.

Dragged the child home

According to the information, the woman lives with her 10 year old son in Baradwari locality of Rajgarh. The woman’s husband died 7 years ago, since then the woman runs her family by sweeping and mopping. The victim is a class 6 student. On Friday, the child was playing marbles with his friends in the locality and his mother had gone to her work. Meanwhile, 40-year-old Golu Mewade, who lives in his neighbourhood, came and accused him of breaking the leg of his chicken, dragged the child to his home, where he brutalized the child.

The accused removed all the clothes from the child’s body and applied red chilli powder all over the body. The young man’s cruelty did not stop here, he also applied red chilli on the child’s private parts, due to which the child started experiencing unbearable pain and burning sensation and he started writhing in agony.

The child told his ordeal to the mother

When the child’s mother came home from work, she saw the child sitting in a tub of water and crying. When asked, the child narrated the entire incident. After that the woman took the child to the nearest hospital for treatment. After this, the woman reached Rajgarh police station with her son and complained about this to the police.

Child helpline took cognizance

Meanwhile, after getting information about the incident, the team of Child Helpline Ahimsa Welfare Society reached Baradwari on Sunday. Where he talked to the mother and child and took them to the hospital for treatment. According to the information, the child is still sitting in the water to cool down the burning sensation.