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Uttarakhand: All medical colleges of the state will remain open on the day of voting, Health Secretary issued orders

Voting for Lok Sabha elections is to be held in Uttarakhand tomorrow i.e. on 19th April. In view of this, various arrangements have been made by the Election Commission. It has been decided to open all the government hospitals and medical colleges of Uttarakhand on Voting Day. The Health Secretary has also issued orders regarding this.

All medical colleges of the state will remain open on the day of voting

Voters and the public can avail the benefits of health facilities on the day of voting. Keeping this in view, this decision has been taken. All medical colleges and government hospitals of the state will remain open on Friday. The Health Secretary has issued orders regarding this on Thursday.

According to the order issued, all medical units will be opened on April 19 for the general election. According to the order, like the State Assembly Elections, 2022, during the election process in the Lok Sabha General Elections, 2024, free treatment facilities will be provided to the polling party and security personnel in all the government hospitals.

Health Secretary issued orders

Health Secretary Dr. R. Rajesh Kumar said that decisions have been taken so that the employees engaged in election duty and the public can also get the benefit of health facilities during voting. Employees working in government hospitals will be given time to vote.

In order for all the employees to vote, a rotation will be prepared for the voting of the employees by the Medical Superintendent Controlling Officer of the medical unit. So that all the employees can vote and those who need health facilities can also get the benefit of health facilities.