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Uttarakhand: The pregnant woman was taken by handcart to the road after walking 8 kilometers, delivery took place in 108 ambulance only

A picture has once again emerged from Seal village of Champawat which not only raises questions on the health facilities but also exposes the claims made about the mountains by the government every day. But she is nowhere to be seen on the ground. A pregnant woman suffered labor pain in Seal village. Due to absence of road, the villagers walked 8 kilometers with the help of a doli to reach the road. From there the pregnant woman was being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. But on the way she gave birth to a child.

Carried the pregnant woman to the road after walking 8 kilometers
Kamala Devi, wife of Govind Singh, a woman in remote Seel village of Barakot block of Champawat district, suffered labor pain. Due to lack of road to the village, the villagers took the woman to the road after climbing 8 kilometers of steep and dangerous roads with the help of a doli. A pregnant woman was being brought from Patal to Lohaghat Sub District Hospital through 108, during which the labor pain of the woman increased. The pregnant woman had to be delivered in the middle of the forest in 108. The woman has given birth to a healthy baby girl.

Many people of the village have lost their lives due to lack of road
Asha worker Nirmala, woman’s husband Govind Singh and village social worker Ramesh Singh said that even after three years of the Chief Minister’s announcement, the road has not been built. The villagers are having to suffer the consequences of this every day. Many people have died in the village due to lack of road facilities and not being able to get timely treatment. Which includes even an 11 year old child. The villagers are continuously demanding the construction of the road. But even after so many years of independence, Seal village is still deprived of road facilities.

Road not built even after assurance
The villagers say that the administration repeatedly gives assurances but does nothing, nor is the Chief Minister paying attention to his announcement. He said that this time the villagers had announced election boycott, after which DM Champawat came to the village and assured to solve the problem. But no action has been taken yet.