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IPL 2024: Battle between 3 teams for the playoffs, which two teams will emerge victorious

IPL 2014 is in its last stage and many teams have been eliminated from this season. There are two teams whose participation in the playoffs has been confirmed. KKR’s team was the first team to make it to the playoffs this season. After this, due to Delhi’s victory over Lucknow, Rajasthan’s team has also become the second team to make it to the playoffs. There is still a problem regarding which two more teams can make it to the playoffs. Although 5 teams are still in the race for two playoff spots, it seems very difficult for two teams to reach there. Hyderabad, Chennai, and RCB teams are considered strong contenders to make it to the playoffs.

Which teams are in the fight

There are two places vacant in the playoffs, for which there is a tough competition between all three teams. Hyderabad still has two matches left and it has to win only 1 match to make it to the playoffs. Hyderabad team currently has 14 points and it can still reach 18 points. Talking about Chennai, it just has to win the match against RCB and it will become the third team to join the playoffs. Talking about RCB, if it registers a big win against Chennai, it will make it to the playoffs.

It is difficult for them to reach

In the last stage of IPL, some teams are in the playoff race but it seems difficult for them to reach. All the matches of Delhi Capitals team are over and it has 14 points during this time. Lucknow team is currently at 12 points with 6 wins and by registering a win against Mumbai, it will reach 14 points. The run rate of both these teams is very poor, due to which their chances of reaching the playoffs are very low. This can happen only if the Hyderabad team loses both its matches by a big margin.