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There will be health screening of devotees coming to Chardham, information will have to be uploaded on e-Swasthya Dham app

In Uttarakhand, routine monitoring of the health of the devotees is being done during the Chardham Yatra, but now the state government has started the e-Swasthya Dham app for health related screening. Under which health screening of devotees can be done. The special thing is that in this, health screening of passengers above 50 years of age will be done compulsorily. Even during registration, devotees will have to provide information about their medical history. For this, the state government is also trying to make the devotees aware.

Health screening of devotees will be done

Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand, Radha Raturi said that to provide health facilities to the devotees coming for Chardham Yatra, the Health Department has launched the e-Swasthya Dham app in collaboration with Hans Foundation and Wish Foundation. In this, devotees will have to upload their health related information. Under which health screening of devotees can be done. In this, screening of passengers above 50 years of age has been made mandatory. After the medical screening of the devotees, the safe journey of the devotees can be completed in a better way.

E Swasthya Dham app is ready

E Swasthya Dham app has been created only for the pilgrims to Chardham. It has been created only to monitor the health of the pilgrims. This app has been linked with the Chardham registration portal present on the tourism site. In which pilgrims will be able to upload their medical history. Pilgrims can undergo health screening after uploading the medical report on this app. During the journey, pilgrims will find screening points run by Vish and Hans Foundation, where the pilgrims can be screened.

It will be updated on the app immediately. Through which the pilgrims themselves can see their health related screening and can also take decisions related to further travel. Uttarakhand Health Department in collaboration with Wadhwani Initiative for Sustainable Health Care will also provide comprehensive training to all the health service providers deployed on the Chardham Marg. After receiving training, these health workers will be able to effectively deal with any medical condition related to the health of pilgrims on the Char Dham route.