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Position of IMA on COVID related issues

One Nation : One set of guidelines. There are multiple orders and actions at the state and district levels which do not conform to the  National Guidelines. This is proving to be disastrous to the doctors, nurses and health care workers as well as the containment of the  epidemic.

2. Doctors irrespective of the sector and workplace should take the lead during this still ascending phase of the epidemic. Take charge of your institution and area. IMA local branches should take review of their local area. While working in consonance with Central, State and Local authorities is important, IMA should point out discordances and also unscientific surmises.

3. Dedicated Covid Hospitals is a strategy adopted by the Union Government and upheld by IMA. Streaming of COVID and Non COVID services is important to avoid intermingling of patients. Otherwise Hospitals themselves will become hotspots of dissemination.

4. Testing and Contact Tracing remain the cornerstone of the strategy. RT-PCR and TRU NAAT should be available on the prescription of a  Registered Medical Practitioner.

5.  Safety and protection of Doctors, Nurses and Health Care workers is paramount and non negotiable. Availability of Quality PPE kits and  free testing of all Doctors, Nurses and HCW as and when required are the basic minimum that the Governments can ensure

6.Non Covid services should resume in full swing. Vaccination and Cancer Surgeries are a priority.

7. Unencumbered legal immunity should be provided to Doctors for the entire period of epidemic. This should be comprehensive  ncluding criminal, civil , consumer and other liabilities.

8. All clinics, Nursing Homes and small and medium hospitals are in principle MSME institutions providing services. They should apply for MSME status and access the Financial package and other benefits.

9. All Clinics as well as Primary and secondary care Nursing Homes and Hospitals should follow triaging and universal precautions due to unacknowledged community spread and the presence of asymptomatic patients.

10. IMA reserves the right for legal recourse to remedy injustice to the medical profession and inappropriate management of the epidemic.