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Health And Hygiene

Piyush Nandwani

Health and hygiene are two very prominent terms complimentary to each other. Health of an individual cannot sustain without proper hygiene being maintained, also is a very state of physical, mental, and emotional state of being in which disease and infirmity are absent. Everywhere awareness is spread among people to maintain good health by following certain methods of balanced diet, exercises and most importantly maintaining hygiene.

Hygiene is inclusive of certain conditions and practices conducive to maintaining heath and preventing from disease. People who are careless about the perspective of hygiene are vulnerable to be infected and to become the prey of deadly and at times chronic diseases. Mostly, people of slums and beggars on road are not hygienic and hence they become the basic reason for the spread of horrible diseases, viruses and germs all over.

Many people associate hygiene with just the term “cleanliness” but it’s a broad term. It includes such personal habit choices as how frequently to remain away from germs and keep selves clear. Some regular hygienic practices may be considered good habits by the society while the neglect of hygienic habits can be considered disgusting, disrespectful or threatening.

The World Health Organisation has proclaimed certain recommendations to keep selves protected from diseases and deadly germs and viruses. On a very basic note street food should not be consumed much specially detailed for Indians as they are irresistant to street food, one should keep homes and surroundings absolutely clean and pure, people should encourage the concept of self and personal hygiene as well that includes washing hands properly, wipe face properly and must take bath daily.

Such basic hygienic acts can keep everyone healthy. Also, people must discourage the bad habit of disposing garbage rubbishy anywhere. A good health can only sustain with a properly maintained hygiene and also but knowledge about health and hygiene. Even “GOOD WEALTH IS A PRODUCT OF GOOD HEALTH” as “A HEALTHY MIND SUSTAINS IN A HEALTHY BODY”. Hence, each one must be hygienic and far from diseases and problems to health and must have a brilliant health with a healthy lifestyle.

Major role models of every individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle are doctors as they time to time claim people to keep hygiene and remain blissfully healthy.