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What can be the situation of India, as the lockdown lifted with unlock-1

Prayagraj: People visit a shopping mall after the authorities permitted opening of shopping marts, during the fifth phase of ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, in Prayagraj, Monday, June 08, 2020. (PTI Photo)(PTI08-06-2020_000160B)

Abhinav chaudhary

The aftermath of lockdown needs precautions as the covid-19 pandemic is not going to stop anytime soon. As the lockdown is lifted and going as unlock-1 as the country can’t be in a lockdown for a longtime due to economic situation of the country, Looking at the economy of country and the world has to open with the necessary precautions it needs.

The corona virus situation has led the world to a new start after lockdown as the vaccine still isn’t available but we can’t wait for a vaccine to develop a vaccine, as it can be 6 months or a year also. Now the world may has to live with taking precautions for corona for at least 1 or 2  year even after the vaccine comes, The people have to go on work with wearing mask and precautions like sanitizing social distancing and another crucial aspect in this period is working from home due to corona virus situation people are forced to work from home and it may become for most of the industries and people a lifestyle change of working from home as it would help world much more as more people would work at home in the future the traffics are to be less on the road and the more time can be saved by the people.

The corona situation has led to the downfall of hotel and restaurants industries and now lifting of lockdown may get them on a track but it will not be the same as the precautions and hygiene in the hotel and restaurants needs to be taken care of most importantly until the situation gets back in control. The corona situation has also led to social media and tv industries to new heights as more and more people came on social media and online streaming shows.

The online ordering of groceries and goods services can grow more as people would want to be safer from corona. The more online business can grow as the world would go more remote work rather than physically getting involved. The most important part is how the people are going to do to be safe. The coming years are the most important years of India as Prime Minister modi has said India to be atmanirbhar bharat which means focusing on buying Indian and made in India products to grow the Indian economy which is needed to boost our economy.