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The frightning condition of delhi hospitals

Suhani Ahluwalia

As the corona cases are increasing rapidly the mismanagement of doctors and hospitals are also increasing. As complaints mounted on social media of poor treatment at Delhi’s hospitals, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Sunday that each one government and personal hospitals within the city would only treat Delhi residents till the rising COVID-19 cases are contained.

But all these things does not matter at all. The patients who are getting admitted in the hospitals with expectations that they will be cured soon are dying the most tragic deaths.
Horror stories of COVID-19 patients being kept in poor conditions at government hospitals in Delhi and then moved into unhygienic and inhospitable quarantine homes are now coming to light. Families are shying away from openly speaking out against mistreatment of COVID patients, fearing that their loved ones lodged in quarantine homes may have to suffer the consequences of public shaming of government facilities.

It is distressing to understand that the majority patients admitted the hospital are dying within 4 to five days of treatment, which indicates an entire lack of critical care. The reasons might be inadequate patient care, senior doctors didn’t visit the hospital and left treatment to resident doctors, and health and hygiene weren’t maintained thanks to indisciplined staff down the road .

Many videos on social media stressed out the public when they saw no sign of proper treatment given to the corona patients. The video showed patients struggling and shouting for basic needs. Patients who were fainted were lying down on the floors and nobody came to pick them up. The dead bodies were as it is kept between the patients and the most inhuman part is the family members of the patient are not informed about the fact that their person is alive or not.

Patients who manage to go the toilets go otherwise patients who are unable to get up due to weakness pee in their clothes and nobody comes to help or clean them. Some patients die shouting for food and oxygen but no one is bothered.

The hospitals are considering corona patients no less than garbage. Its still hard to believe this but this is the reality of delhi hospitals. At the end, people are ensuring that they must not send their affected family member at such poor conditions unless the situation gets worst.