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Conflict between India and China border

Udit Raj Sharma

The ongoing situation between India and China between the Ladakh border and Aksai Chin is a dispute for both the countries because India also claims Aksai Chin to be Indian territory as the border line in Ladakh known as Aksai Chin region belongs to India. Hence the southern bank of a Pangong lake at the place where the dispute is currently going on.

So Indian army and Chinese patrols through the lake at the lake’s south bank area. Now there are military camps which are divided in fingers and a base at the end, so India claims the area that they can patrol is from finger 1 to finger 8 and that’s what they were doing but China has claimed that Indian territory goes till finger 4. So, the Chinese have also built special roads to deploy there troops up

till finger 4 for security reasons. Well this is not the first time when a dispute of territory   has happened but the dispute this time has been more heated than ever between China and India. According to some of the reports there got a physical confrontation between both army’s,so this sudden increase of Chinese troops in finger 4 area has resulted in a dispute between china and India.

In the recent military confrontation between India and China, both the countries are looking to settle this through a peace process because the situation in both the countries is already devastating due to Corona and the two countries are not in a position to get into a state of war.