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women : A Two Way Street

saumya Bhardwaj

“Women, you are not rehabilitation centres for badly raised men. It is not your job to fix him, change him, parent him or raise him. You want a partner, not a project.

The differences between the sexes can be a pretty touchy subject.

We’ve been the training ground, the therapist’s office, we all have been down that road.

You see, we live in a society that loves to question women. From stepping out of the house in clothes of their choice to a failed marriage, somehow, it all comes down to what the woman did wrong. No one really question men.

In all of these scenarios what the society is actually reinstating is that the world cannot function well because today’s woman refuses to bow down to suffer.

It just so happens that society has just given one gender the freedom to be careless, carefree and disorganized. While the other, well a BIG NO! But it doesn’t mean that all men are helpless and inept without women. But, if a man leaves a woman dealing with issues, he is said to have ‘dodged the bullet’ but a woman who stays with her man through his troubled years, is romanticised, that she has proved her worth. But rarely is it reciprocated.

“BUT, as much as women are not rehabilitation centres, its abusive to put pressure on men to provide us with a life we cannot provide for ourselves as women.”

We are not supposed to rely on our partners to pay our bills, pay for our uber etc. Because if it’s the “two-way street”, we might as well look after the other part of the street; this isn’t fair to them as well.

We don’t need any man helping us?! Do we?!NO!

Girls are brainwashed to be dependent on their so called ‘better-halves”.

Have you given it a thought? that why isn’t it the other way around. It’s because they’ve had this perception that women are naïve, that they are vulnerable. Who are they to decide what we are? NO ONE.

We have to build ourselves up for ourselves and no one. Because, ladies, at the end of the day there still be people who’d criticise your every move.


Instead of directing all the energy to teaching girls, 50% of it need to be directed toward boys. Just like teaching boys how to pave their own way, girls should be taught that too. An apt balance of gender in parenting.

Women should not be left to think their self-worth is dependent on their ability to cater to a man. Here is something for you women- Men do not like to me mothered by their partners.

However, the coming generation will usher in some changes as the world is evolving for the better.
Ergo, we as the next generation of parents ought to raise all children to be accountable & responsible irrespective of gender.

No one should be given a special benefit of any gender