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Jayakumar Bakthavatchalam is hero of World Blood Donors Day 2020 :

Pramesh S Jain

CEO of a and a former banker Jayakumar Bakthavatchalam has been nominated as Hero on the eve of World Blood Donors Day for saving as many as 17 lives by donating his blood B-ve Group,one of the rarest too.

The journey of saving souls began when Jayakumar in his college days in 2000 when he donated B-ve blood to his friend’s relative by travelling 60 kms from his native place. Jayakumar was so happy and decided that he would help people in need and that is the best form of help .

Since then there was no turning back.Till now he had participated in many blood donation camps and visited many hospitals on individual capacity to help people in need.He also motivate others to donate and be part of this nobel cause.

Due to rare blood group (B -ve) Jayakumar made a point of donating blood on requirement basis than helping blood bank. Preserving blood within the shelf life period is difficult and the entire exercise might get wasted,hence he prefers to donate Blood directly to people in need.

Even during the lock down period has not stopped Jayakumar from doing this nobel cause.During this period he has visited many hospital amidst high risk and helped many needy patients.

As a donor for many years,he thinks this is a best form of help and gets the best satisfaction of being part of life saving process.

Mrs.Yogita Bali,said,Congratulactions to Jayakumar Bakthavatchalam for being a Hero for 17 beautiful souls. Yogita even said,Jayakumar Bakthavatchalam is an Ex Banker for 12 years and currently Founder & CEO of talk2bank.Com.He is a Mountaineer and a Skydiver too.He was part of 1st Civilian Expedition to Siachen Glacier in 2019 and I am proud of my husband who has donated blood in this pandemic situation where in whole country is combating with deadly coronavirus she said.