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Triple Mutation Variant is now found in India Emerges As New Worry in Covid Battle

The triple mutation has been classified in India as a “variant of interest” rather than “variant of concern”.

As India reports nearly 3,00,000 cases and over 2,000 deaths in 24 hours, the biggest jump since the pandemic erupted, a new mutation in the COVID virus has emerged as the new challenge.

After the double mutation, its now the triple mutation, meaning three different Covid strains combining to form a new variant, has been detected in parts of the country.

States like Maharashtra, Delhi and West Bengal are believed to have cases driven by the triple mutant.

“This is a more transmissible variant. It is making lots of people sick very quickly,” said Madhukar Pai, professor of epidemiology at McGill University.

Dr Pai said that the delay in detecting the double mutation may have contributed to the current virus spurt.