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The Supreme Court has sharply questioned the Central Government on Corona management

➡️Why is the company selling expensive in India than the price Estrogen is giving in the US?

➡️The Central Government should tell how much money the government has given to develop the vaccine?

➡️If Central Government money is invested in it, then the vaccine is a public resource, it should be used in the public interest.

➡️Regarding vaccination through the Cowin app, the court questioned the central government that how can those (who cannot read and write are not educated) register?

➡️The Supreme Court also questioned the Central Government over the lack of oxygen in Delhi.

In response to which the Central Government said that Delhi initially demanded something more and later suddenly started asking for 700 metric tons of oxygen. Delhi does not even have the resources to lift the 490 MT found.

On this, the Supreme Court said that if Delhi does not have the resources then the Central Government should help. The responsibility of Delhi is also with the Central Government.

Apart from this, the Court has ordered all Governments not to take any legal action against those writing pain related to corona on social media. If any action is taken on such people, it will be considered contempt of court.

CM Uttar Pradesh Adityanath Yogi

As example like Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi order to take Action Under NSA for Spreading COVID situations or Oxygen Shortage videos on social media.