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4,187 people died in 24 hours for the first time in the country, more than 4 lakh cases for the third consecutive day

According to new figures, 4,187 people died in the country in the last 24 hours, which is the highest number of deaths recorded in a single day. Talking about the number of infected, 401522 people got hit by corona in one day.

The second wave of Corona virus has caused havoc in the country. The country’s health system collapsed due to the continuous increase in the number of Corona patients. In the country, where more than 4 lakh new corona patients are being received every day for the last three days. For the first time in the country, a record 4,187 people died of corona in 24 hours, which is the highest number of deaths recorded in a single day. The Union Health Ministry gave this information on Saturday.

Due to the alarming second wave of Corona epidemic, acute shortage of beds, ventilators, remdesivir and oxygen continues in hospitals across the country. Hundreds of people are dying without treatment. At the cremation ghats, many hours have to wait for the cremation of dead bodies.

According to the data released by the Health Ministry on Saturday, 4,01,078 new corona patients have been found in the last 24 hours in the country. For the first time in the country, 4,187 people have died in a single day. This is the largest number of people who lost their lives in a day since the outbreak of the epidemic. With this the death toll from COVID reached 2,38,270.

Number of infected doubled in 82 days

There have been 1,09,68,039 cases of corona in the country from February 14, 2021 to May 7, 2021, while fewer cases (1,09,16,481) were reported from January 30, 2020 to February 14, 2021. It is clear from this data that in the last 82 days, the number of infected has doubled.

Vaccination: 16.73 crore people received COVID vaccine

The country continues to have the world’s largest vaccination campaign. So far 16,73,46,544 people have been vaccinated. Let us know that from May 1, the third phase of Kovid vaccination has started. In this, people above 18 years of age are being vaccinated with COVID. However, it has not yet started in all states.