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Global Aid being Effectively Allocated and Promptly Delivered by Government of India to Tertiary Care Institutions across States and UTs for COVID management

Photo 1: 100 Oxygen Concentrators received from US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) dispatched from Delhi to Assam today

Photo 2. A German Mobile Oxygen Production and Filling System, producing 360.0 Litres of  93% Oxygen for medical use, and having a reserve Oxygen tank of 420.0 Litres was transported to DRDO early morning today, for use in their health facilities.

Photo  3. 112 Ventilators received from Netherland on way from Delhi to Telangana today.

Reflecting the solidarity and goodwill towards India, the global community has extended a helping hand in supporting efforts of India in this collective fight against COVID19. Government of India has designed a streamlined and systematic mechanism for effective allocation, and prompt distribution and delivery of the support supplies received by India. This will help to supplement the medical infrastructure of the tertiary care institutions and recipient States/UTs, and strengthen their clinical management capacities for effective clinical management of the hospitalised COVID19 patients. 

Government of India has been receiving international donations and aid of COVID-19 relief medical supplies and equipment since 27 April 2021 from different countries/organisations.

Cumulatively, 6608 Oxygen Concentrators; 3856 Oxygen Cylinders; 14 Oxygen Generation Plants; 4330 ventilators/Bi PAP; about 3L Remdesivir vials have been delivered/ dispatched, from 27th April 2021 to 07th May 2021.

Major items received on 7th May 2021 from USISPF, Switzerland, Poland, Netherland & Israel include:

•           Oxygen Concentrators (2060),

•           Remdesivir (30,000),

•           Ventilators (467),

•           Oxygen Generation Plant (03)

Effective immediate allocation, and streamlined delivery to the recipient states/UTs and institutions is an ongoing exercise. This is being comprehensively monitored by the Union Health Ministry on a regular basis. 

A dedicated Coordination Cell has been created in the Union Health Ministry to coordinate the receipt and allocation of foreign COVID relief material as grants, aid and donations. This Cell started functioning from 26th April 2021. A Standard Operating Procedure has been framed and implemented by the Health Ministry since 2nd May, 2021.