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Another Danger After COVID Treatment : Black fungus in cured patients, eyes of 8 patients had to be removed in Surat

Apart from the corona virus, another threat is increasing rapidly in Surat, Gujarat. Infections with black fungus or mucomycosis are seen in patients recovering from the corona virus. Which affects the eye as well as the brain.

Along with the corona virus, there is also an increased risk of black fungus in the country. There have been many cases in Gujarat, where black fungus has also been seen in patients recovering from corona. These cases have increased considerably as the corona cases in Gujarat have increased rapidly.

Eight patients have lost their eye light from mucoramycosis (black fungus) in Surat, Gujarat. After this, he had to be hospitalized. There have been 40 cases of mucoomycosis in Surat in the last 15 days, out of which eight patients have lost eye light. This infection is spread due to corona and can be treated. But if the treatment is delayed or the treatment is not received, it can also result in the death of the patient.

Apart from Surat, its cases are also in other areas of the country

In addition to Surat, a 29-year-old man was also diagnosed with Mucoramycosis in Mumbai. After recovering from Corona, Suhas began to have symptoms of black fungus and recently underwent surgery. For this infection could not reach the brain, doctors removed Suhas’s upper jaw.

At present, 18 patients of Mucoramycosis are admitted to the Global Hospital in Mumbai for treatment. Many cases of black fungus have been reported in Maharashtra, out of which many people had to remove the upper jaw and one eyeball was destroyed.

In addition, more than 25 patients are undergoing treatment at the KEM Hospital in Parel. The infection starts from the nose, passes through the jaw to the brain. Once this infection reaches the brain, the patient’s chances of survival are greatly reduced.

What is mucoramycosis?

According to the CDC of the US, mucoramycosis or black fungus is a rare fungal infection. But this is a serious infection, which is caused by a group of molds or fungi. These molds survive throughout the environment. It affects the sinuses or lungs.

When do its symptoms appear?

Symptoms of mucomycosis or black fungus are seen two to three days after recovery from the corona virus. Two to three days after recovering from the corona, the infection first appears in the sinus and then passes to the eye. At the same time, this fungus can dominate the brain in the next 24 hours.

What are the symptoms of mucomycosis?

Severe headache and redness in the eyes are two common symptoms.

Who is most threatened?

Experts say that people with weak immunity are at greater risk. Patients with diabetes may also be at greater risk and those with health problems may fall prey to it. This is more commonly seen in patients who have recovered from corona and who had a prior illness.