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Vaccination is the only solution to avoid COVID-19, oxygen situation in India is very critical: Fauchi

Amidst the fast-growing corona infection in the country, America’s top health expert Dr. Anthony Fauchi on Sunday said that vaccination of all people is the only long-term solution to overcome the current corona crisis in India. Fauchi stressed on increasing the production of corona vaccine domestically and globally to combat the epidemic.

Fauchi, the chief medical adviser to US President Joe Biden, said in an interview that vaccination of people is very important to end this epidemic completely. He said that India is the largest vaccine producer in the world. Which is getting its resources not only from within, but also from outside.

Fauchi said that this is the reason why other countries should help India to manufacture vaccines at their place. He said that another way is that large companies have the ability to make vaccines that are capable of receiving hundreds of millions of doses in a really great way.

Fauchi said that just like China did about a year ago, India urgently needs to build a temporary hospital. He said that you have to do this. You cannot leave people on the streets if there are no beds in the hospital. Conditions on oxygen are very critical. On his statement about oxygen, he said that I mean it is really sad for people not to get oxygen, after all what is happening there. Dr. Fauchi said that immediately there is a problem of hospital beds, oxygen, PPE and other supplies.

Dr. Fauchi also talked about the need for nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of the virus. Emphasizing the lockdown, he said that vaccination is very important to prevent the epidemic, but at the same time a lockdown is necessary to break the chain of infection. Last time I advised them to do so. He said that I believe that many states of India have adopted lockdown, but they need the most to break the chain of infection. And to do this, the only solution is to implement lockdown.