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Uttar Pradesh / Gaziabad : fierce fire in chemical factory, intermittent blasts, 10 fire engines on the spot

A fire broke out in the Methyl Pigment Factory in Bulandshahar Road factory area in the morning. It takes 10 fire extinguishers to extinguish it. The NDRF team has also been engaged. A fierce fire broke out in a chemical factory in the industrial area on Bulandshahr Road in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. On seeing the fire, another factory was also engulfed. It is being told that chemical drums are bursting from the fire. As soon as the information was received, several fire engines reached the spot and efforts are on to control the fire. The NDRF team has also reached the spot.

According to the information, a fire broke out in the F-23 Methyl Pigment Factory located on Bulandshahar Road in Kavinagar police station area on Wednesday morning. On seeing the fire, it took a gigantic form. The fire spread and also engulfed two other factories nearby. Due to being a chemical factory, there are intermittent explosions. Due to chemical leakage, the car parked outside the factory has also been burnt due to fire. The smoke has spread far and wide. As soon as the information was received, 10 fire tenders reached the spot.

NDRF teams have also been pressed into service to control the fire. City magistrate and CO Kavinagar have also reached the spot. The cause of the fire has not been revealed yet.

It is being told that Manoj Gupta’s Methyl Pigment Chemical factory caught fire in the industrial area. After which the fire engulfed the pipe factory of Ritesh Bansal. On seeing the fire, it has reached the third factory as well.