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Uttarakhand / Dobal : Not a single case of corona infection in Dobal is in light till date

Not a single case of corona infection has come to light in Gram Sabha Dobal under block monopoly in Pauri district.  The credit goes not to the government machinery, but to the solidarity and strong will of the villagers, due to which the villagers saved the village from this epidemic.  The rules made by the villagers to prevent corona infection last year are still strictly applicable.  As a result, the village is spared the black shadow of Corona.

There are currently more than two hundred and fifty families living in Gram Sabha Doble, consisting of Kesharpur and Naugaon (Kafola) villages.  The villagers decided to keep their gram sabha away from the shadow of the corona when the corona infection started growing last year.  Former village head Rajkamal Singh Negi says that the villagers unanimously decided to quarantine the migrants out of the village.  For this, the State Industrial Training Institute, located about five kilometers from the village, was developed as a quarantine center.  It was also decided that the entire village would be sanitized each week.  The women commanded the sanitation of the village.

Village head Hemanti Devi says that no month has passed since the last one year when sanitizer was not sprayed in the village.  Rural women also spray pesticides around drinking water sources.  Not only this, the responsibility of cleanliness in the village has been given to the youth.  The youth team keeps the paths clean by removing the bushes that grow on either side of the roads leading to the village.  This team of youth also complies with the Corona Guidelines on the occasion of the wedding ceremony.  Nasi Negi, chairperson of the women’s self-help group, says that it is permissible to move out of the house only by putting a mask on the village.  Besides, instructions have been given to villagers to follow physical distance also.  Enter the village only on negative report
Village head Hemanti Devi states that it is mandatory for migrants coming to the village to bring a negative investigation report of Corona.  Otherwise, migrants are quarantined outside the village even today.  It is informed that the expatriates are also giving full cooperation in the system and are coming towards the village only after taking Corona Negative Report.