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Ankita Lokhande will again become Archana Deshmukh

Sushant Singh Rajput’s most famous show Pritha Rishta is once again set to release for his fans with a new story in a new style.

This show had made Sushant every heart in every house. He played the role of a human in it. Since the time he played this role, it was believed that Sushant would do something big in films one day.

It is being told that Ankita Lokhande will work once again in this show and she is being given the role that she did in the telecast show on TV. This role was of Archana Deshmukh.

Ankita and Sushant worked on the show for a long time. They had come so close to each other. Their affair started and the two started living with each other like a couple. A new face is being sought for Sushant’s role.

According to the news, this show will be telecast on G5. G5 is presenting the old hit show on its TV channel Zee TV once again with a new story on OTT. Recently Jamaai Raja 2 and Qubool 2 were also launched on this platform. People also liked him very much.

Fans of Sushant Singh Rajput have been waiting for the release of the sacred relationship 2.0. It is being told that the script of this show has been completely prepared and new faces are being auditioned for the role of Manav. Its shoot will be planned as soon as the lockdown ends.

Sushant Singh Rajput gained so much popularity from this show that he got work in films soon. Although many TV stars came to the movies, no other actor who came from TV saw the success that Sushant’s career reached.
However, Sushant had a breakup with Ankita Lokhande after appearing in films and he started dating many other actresses. In which the name of Sara Ali Khan, from Kriti Sanon to Riya Chakraborty, keeps on coming. Seeing so much success, Sushant allegedly committed suicide in his home on 14 June 2020.