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Sputnik V price announced, know how much a dose will cost and how long it can come in the market

  • Dr Vaccine consignment reaches Dr Reddy’s Laboratories in Hyderabad
  • The same company is importing Sputnik V vaccine in India, first batch arrived
  • The first consignment had arrived only on 1 May, but the Russian vaccine is stuck in testing
  • Will be available for sale in the market only after getting clearance from the lab

Suspense at the cost of Russian Corona Virus Vaccine Sputnik V is over. Doctor Reddy Laboratories has announced its price. According to this company making this Russian vaccine in India, Sputnik V will be priced at Rs 948 plus 5% GST. This means that in addition to Rs 948, it will be charged 5% GST i.e. Rs 47.40 GST. In this way, one dose will be Rs 995.40.

Sputnik will be the third such COVID-19 vaccine to be used in India. The situation is not clear on when people will start applying its dose. The first batch of Sputnik V vaccine reached India on 1 May. At a time when there are more than 3 lakh cases and more than 4 thousand deaths in India every day, it is unthinkable to stop a vaccine. But there is a reason for this so that when the vaccine is available to you, it can be sure that it is completely safe.

Why has Sputane V vaccine not been applied yet?
The first batch of Sputnik V consisted of one and a half lakh doses. As per protocol, any imported vaccine will be tested in the lab before use. The central government had said that every batch of vaccine would first be tested at the Central Drugs Laboratory (CDL) at Kasauli, after which it could be used in the National COVID-19 vaccination program. It will be tested in the lab that the vaccine is safe, effective and free from any other infection.

Once approved by CDL, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories (which has been allowed to import this vaccine) will give doses of Sputaneous V vaccine to only 100 people. The vaccine’s safety data will be submitted to the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO).

Experts at CDSCO will review this data and then allow the company to use the vaccine. According to the central government guidelines, the approval of the Emergency Use of Vaccine in India will be given by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI).

Dr. Reddy’s said in a statement on Friday that he has applied the first dose of vaccine. That is, the first 100 people to be vaccinated have started.

Approval has not been received from WHO either

Sputane V has not yet become available because it has not received approval from the World Health Organization (WHO) as well. The US Drug Regulator (US FDA) and the European Drug Regulator also do not approve this vaccine. For this reason, India has to investigate this vaccine before giving it to the general public.

When will Sputnik V come on the market?

NITI Aayog member (health) Dr VK Paul said in a press conference on Thursday that he hoped that Sputnik V would be available in the market by next week. Paul said, “Sputnik Wee Vaccine has arrived in India. I am very happy to say that we hope that it will be available in the market by next week. We hope that there is limited supply from there (Russia).” Is, its sale will start next week. “